SRAC Philosophy

Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation (SRAC) strongly believe that people that are aged and those with a disability have the right to access the most appropriate care and support services to enable them to remain independent within the community.
SRAC recognises that Indigenous people face greater challenges and have unique care needs.
We strive to apply our knowledge of Aboriginal communities to assist people to meet these needs and gain more enjoyment from being an active member of their communities.
As an Indigenous organisation we fully recognise the importance of culture and the value of extended family, kinship networks and community in the Care and support of our Aged and people with a disability.

Aims and objectives

The Corporations’ focus is to:

  • Comprehensively assess the needs of people with a disability and frail older people
  • Facilitate access to available care services appropriate to their care needs; and
  • Provide services to support Indigenous people with a disability and aged individuals within the Western Sydney region
SRAC provides assessment, information, advice and assistance to Aboriginal people with disabilities and frail older people who want to remain at home with or without carer support.
These services are delivered through various programs, including NDIS service provision, Social Support, IDAS, Support Planning, Respite Planning, MAC Home Assessment and Ability Links

SRAC aims to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the restorative, physical, medical, psychological, cultural and social aspects of care, and provide a choice of appropriate services to meet the person’s needs; and
  • Provide information and refer clients to services that are appropriate and available to meet their needs, including facilitating access to broader community services such as other Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) providers, NDIS, mental health and/or disability services, specialist health and broader community services.
  • Referral for Commonwealth aged care services, including respite care, My Aged Care Home Care Assessment and Home Care Packages.

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ABN: 76 497 897 231
ICN: 2863
T: (02) 4722 3524
F: (02) 4722 6126